Property which has been lost on a bus or its facilities and subsequently found by or turned in to a Bus Operator, is delivered to the respective bus depot location. Property is held at this location pending transmittal to the MTA NYC Transit Lost Property Unit. Prior to contacting or visiting the Lost Property Unit, customers must call 888-692-8287 to inquire as to whether their property was turned in.
In order to claim ownership, the customer is required to describe the article in detail to the dispatcher’s satisfaction. An article may only be released to a claimant provided supervision has given authorization. In order for the article to be released, the claimant must provide valid identification (e.g., driver's license, automobile registration card, job identification, passport, etc.).
The claimant must complete a lost property receipt. The claimant must print the name, address, city, state and zip code. The employee will verify the identification provided by the claimant to the information written by the claimant on the receipt. The article will be released if the information is verified.
To file a lost property claim click Lost Property Inquiry/Claim
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